Project Videonet

In the early 2000s, the California Public Library Videoconferencing Network (a.k.a. Project Videonet) built a framework for cooperation among the nearly 40 public libraries in the state equipped with interactive videoconferencing, as well as addressed some of the most common issues raised by this technology.

At the time, videoconferencing was a relatively new to public libraries. However, like any new technology, each library encountered various issues as it worked to integrate videoconferencing into its day-to-day operations. These included community usage and pricing decisions, marketing challenges, and program development. Although most of these issues were similiar from site to site, libraries often found themselves addressing issues individually rather than collaboratively.

Project Videonet grew out of a meeting held at the California Library Association conference in November 2001, where representatives of approximately one dozen public libraries agreed on the need for a collaborative approach to optimizing the use of videoconferencing. Attendees agreed to form a cooperative network, identify the top issues facing the equipped libraries, and contract with i2i Communications as a shared resource to develop solutions of common benefit.

Videonet Vibrations Newsletter

  • Issue 1 - January 2003
    • Project Overview
    • Troubleshooting
    • California Libraries with Videoconferencing
    • Lowering Long Distance Costs
    • Tech Tip: Dialing Around Network Congestion
  • Issue 2 - April 2003
    • IP vs. ISDN Videoconferencing
    • Telecommunications Discounts Available
    • Project Status Report
    • Skills Training
    • Spanish-Language Videoconferencing Project
    • Public Library Videoconferencing Applications
  • Issue 3 - July 2003
    • Results from Nationwide Survey
    • Grants for Funding Equipment Purchase
    • Feedback on Skills Training
    • Portrait of a Power User: Nevada County Library
  • Issue 4 - September 2003
    • Serra System Starts Meeting Via Videoconference
    • Project Videonet Archive
    • Six More Public Libraries Add Videoconferencing Capability
    • How to Market in One Easy Step: List with a Site Broker

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